How to know what my aryuvedic constitution is?

When we ask ourselves, What is your Ayurvedic Constitution? First we must know that it is an Ayurvedic constitution to be able to concentrate on this issue we must explore and delve into the various constitutions to know what formula it presents, through the years we have understood that the various constitutions shape the state of health of people and to be able to know what disease tendencies a person has.

From the therapeutic point of view, the Ayurvedic constitution of a person is taken to know how to treat the diversity of pathological problems of each person in a proper way, in addition to that we must know what types of pathologies they understand with this constitution.

Here the basic principles of Ayurvedic medicine begin to be able to solve the different health problems of the patient, it should be known that this medicine, although it was developed around five thousand years ago, has remained with great force in the Indian culture, and It has been passed down from a teacher to an apprentice, it has managed to help many people today.

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